What we do

Share the details of the product or application you need, and we will deliver an optimal solution with excellent quality and timely development.

Web applications

Online stores, news sites, educational platforms, and gaming web applications, including web versions of mobile and desktop applications.

Mobile applications

iOS and Android development, encompassing native, hybrid, and cross-platform solutions. Integration with websites and desktop applications.

Desktop Applications

For Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as cross-platform desktop applications. Integration with the websites and mobile applications as well.

UX/UI interfaces

We craft intuitive interfaces, then rigorously test them with users, ensuring maximum convenient and user-friendly websites and applications.

What sets us apart


Our development tools

We are technology owners, possessing extensive expertise and skills in harnessing cutting-edge technologies and frameworks tailored for crafting video services.

Our team stands ready to seamlessly transform your concepts into innovative solutions, delivering heightened productivity, robust product functionality, and a distinctive user experience.

Node JS
100+ companies use our services in their business. 1M+ unique users visit our services every month
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Widevine is Google's DRM licensing & encryption technology which helps OTT services (like Netflix, Hotstar) & Ed-tech platforms to secure their premium content on Chrome, Firefox, Edge browsers on Desktop, Android Apps & Android TV.

Mediatech is the Certified Google Widevine Implementation Partner. We are authorized to provide Widevine solutions, support and ongoing technical expertise for operators.

Partnerships for OTT, Chrome browser, Android TV SW integration and Widevine CWIP
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