How we work

We achieve agreed-upon results through well-established processes and a quality control system at each stage of development.

Agile Development

  • We employ an Agile methodology, breaking down product creation into iterations. At the end of each iteration, a new version is released for discussion, testing, and feedback collection.
  • The initial version, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), is released within 1–2 months from the start of development.
  • The MVP is sent for testing to real users who provide valuable feedback. This feedback is used to test marketing hypotheses and guide further development.
  • Subsequent releases introduce new features, leading to the final product. Thorough testing ensures the product's user-friendliness and alignment with your goals.
project steps

Project workflow

  • 1 Discussion

    Identify and discuss the problems the new software aims to solve.

    Consider preferences and limitations, presenting various options for your approval.

  • 2 Contract

    Formalize terms, cost, and payment procedures.

    Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  • 3 Requirements Specification

    Delve into task details, refining and approving requirements in collaboration with you.

  • 4 First MVP Release

    Launch the initial version (MVP) with essential functions.

    Real users begin testing, providing valuable edits for refinement.

  • 5 Iterative Development

    Develop MVP iterations in 1-2 week cycles.

    Discuss intermediate results and implement feedback for testing.

  • 6 Maintenance

    Establish additional service agreements, such as technical support, content management, or feature expansion.