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Yes, we will sign the NDA upon the contract's conclusion. Information about your business will remain confidential.

Certainly. The development of any software is segmented into iterations lasting 1-2 weeks. At the conclusion of each iteration, we can review and discuss the results with you.

This scenario is unlikely for two reasons:

  1. We initiate the work with detailed and agreed-upon software requirements.
  2. Prior to completion, you will have multiple opportunities to review the product. We will showcase the initial and several intermediate versions, allowing you to test and provide feedback. The final product will be familiar to you and refined with your active participation.

The cost is influenced by the complexity of the software you require and the time needed for development. If necessary, we will provide a breakdown of the price, detailing the work included and the anticipated time required.

The exact duration depends on the specific project and will be assessed by developers upon reviewing the software requirements. However, here are approximate timelines based on our experience:

  • Portal for an online film festival: 2–3 months
  • OTT platform, online cinema: 3–9 months
  • IPTV channel with your content: From two weeks to a month and a half
  • CDN connection: 2 days
  • Mobile, web, or desktop application: 2–6 months or longer, depending on complexity
  • UX/UI interface: Depends on complexity
  • Function expansion: Depends on complexity
  • Technical support: We establish an agreement for as long as you need

Yes, you can. We provide updates and release new versions, offering ongoing support for the software for as long as you require. We will establish a separate contract for these services.

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